~   Yehuda Amichai, Part of Anniversary of Love (via peelsofpoetry)

Writing mikehan is so so, difficult.  especially if it’s a onesided kind of thing where Mike might be a little bit in love with Hange and they don’t even realize it..

Shippers, I need your support.

Title: regress
Pairing: Levi, Hange
Rating: T
A/N: Of course. As usual, nothing I ever write makes sense. Supposed to be long-ish but published as is. Also found in FFN.

She means it when she says, “Your touch hurts.”

Levi ignores her, continues to tear off the remains of her maneuver gear roughly.

Title: epilogue
Pairing: Machi, Kuroro
Rating: K+
A/N: fragment. Because someone needs to at least write about these two. Also found in FFN

Dying is a thirst. Dying is a thirst is a fever is in Machi’s throat as she tears through his clothes (pretenses).

Canvas  by  andbamnan